Sadly, Peter Moss our President for many years will be stepping down at this AGM, We will miss his company his advice and his humour at our meetings, however he will not be leaving the society and so we still expect to see a lot of him, at exhibitions, talks and outings, it wouldn’t be the same without him!
We are also delighted to announce that Ian Walter has agreed to stand as our next President.
Ian, for the last 12 years has supported the society in many ways, not an artist himself, he knows art and loves art, we look forward to his time with us.

109th Exhibition

Please remember to check emails and telephone on Saturday 8th. August, we will only contact you if there is work to be collected on the Sunday 9th. August between 1.30 and 3.30pm
There was a mistake with the final collection date, unsold work to be collected on Saturday October 10th. Between 1.30 and 3.30pm. (The Collection are holding a Star Wars weekend so parking may be more difficult than normal, please allow time for this!)


Just one new member of committee needed this year, that of Deputy Chair.
David Morris is stepping down from Deputy Chair to ordinary member, he is happy to remain in the post until a replacement is found but in order to leave the committee in a strong working order it is essential that we have a deputy that will take over the chair in two years time
Please forward nominations for Deputy Chair to our secretary Jacqui 11 Riverside Rd. Newark NG24 4RJ


The Judith Oyler and The Sue Hayward awards have been joined and will now be known as the Hayward/Oyler award (£200) this will be the selector’s choice
The Maggie Dean Award is the People’s Choice
Gill Nadin award for drawing is selected by the chairman and Deputy Chairman of The Nadin Group
The Ruddocks of Lincoln Award will be selected this year by the President of The LAS.
Speedframe award selected by Speedframe.

1pm. August 15th

This will be held in The Clore Room at The Usher Gallery, please make every effort to attend, this is your chance to have your say about your society.

Opening – Summer Exhibition 2015

To be opened at 2.30 by our New President Ian Walter, Please make sure you are there to welcome him.

Meet the artist Sundays

Each Sunday throughout the exhibition we hope to have at least two members of the society on hand to talk to the visitors.
If you can spare an afternoon or a day please contact me (Carol) at  or telephone 01522 731797.


The collection would like two very relaxed drop in workshops, If you would like to hold one of these please again contact me at the above address.

Christmas Exhibition

Scorer Gallery
Monday 23rd November- Sunday 20th. December!
Details after Summer Show.
But digital entry will be Oct.11th-18th.
It is hope to make this more of a festival atmosphere, with workshops, and evenings with entertainment


Edward Mayor is now looking to make a start on our companion book, The LAS, The Last Ten Years, if you have a story to tell just or wish to be mentioned in the book ( we hope you all will be) please contact Edward on Tel. 01526 353734

Blog, Facebook & Website

Please remember to make regular checks on all of these to keep up with latest news.Click on the icons at the bottom of this newsletter.

Diary Dates

August 7th1.30-3.30 & 8th.10-11am. Handing in at Usher Gallery
August 9th. Collection of non-selected work 1.30-3.30pm.
August 15th. AGM 1pm   Opening 2.30pm.
October 7th. Exhibition closes
October 10th. Collection of unsold work 1.30-3.30
October 11th-18th. Digital entry for Christmas Exhibition
November 23rd. Delivery of work to Scorer Gallery
December 20th. Exhibition closes and collection of work.


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