More details re. Park Gallery, Louth

Park Gallery, Louth

The gallery will offer…
A space to exhibit work exclusively or along side others’
A space for events, workshops and classes
Seasonal exhibitions of work

For Exhibition
The hire fee of the gallery is £40 per week
The gallery takes 30% commission of sales

£10 for the hanging of one painting/work
The gallery takes 20% commission of sales

For works of art, the entrance door is 1.66m x 1.45m there is both natural and artificial light. The Gallery has a floor area of 33.4 square metres and dimensions of 4.2m x 5.9m with the entrance door in one corner and an internal door at the opposite end of the gallery. The gallery is staffed and supervised Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 10am-3pm and Saturday 2pm-5pm + also open by appointment. All hanging equipment is provided.

For Hire
The rate of hire for the gallery is £10 per hour and is available to hire at any time.
There is access to a small kitchen area and lavatory and chairs are also provided.

You can expect from us…
Promotion of your show in local and regional publications
Online publicity of exhibitions and events through our Facebook page and Blog

Photographs available on this blog:


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