Fools & Angels Christmas Shopping Extravaganza

Fools& Angels are a non-profit making collective of four practicing professional artists: Richard Bett, Kevin Wallhead, Suzi L. Smith and founder Ba Wheeler.  With other invited artists we promote high quality arts holding two successful exhibitions annually.  Our reputation and patronage has continually and considerably grown over the last seventeen years.

As an organisation we are consensual, selective, home grown, practical and autonomous, with a commitment to other artists.  We each take on different roles and responsibilities throughout the year in order to make these exhibitions a success.  We have learned a great deal from this process of personally attending to every detail and aspect of promoting and staging our events – from the minutiae of everyday practicalities, to the developing and clarifying of our ethos.

This exhibition is a high quality, trusted and privileged event, in a domestic setting.  As artists and craftspeople we are a dedicated group, selling direct to the public.  People are invited to share our  passion  for the work and the event itself, which is hospitable, accessible, celebratory, mysterious and fun.



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