Members will be very aware of the importance of the Usher show as a showcase for the work of members and for the Society as a whole.

It is also very important for the Usher, with the show filling two main galleries for nearly three months including the busy period just after Christmas.

The management committee would like to offer as much support to the Usher staff as they can to make the show a success.

In discussion with the Usher team two ways of doing this have been identified

– The first is to stage an event as part of the Big Draw. It is proposed to hold a drop in
workshop over the course of Saturday 12th November from11am to 3.30pm.

We are looking for volunteers from the membership to offer their services for this event for all or part of the day. Ideally we need members who are used to work in an open
workshop setting, and happy to work with people of all ages.

– The second is to hold Meet the Artist events. This would involve a number of members of the society being in attendance at the gallery from 2-4pm on the following Sundays 20th November, 11th December and 8th January.

The aim would be to talk to interested visitors about your work and the work in
the show more widely and be able to give some background to the society.

If a number of artists could be available they should be able to answer most questions.
This would also be a good opportunity to make the case for the arts.

It would be really helpful if you think if you could help.

You could either e-mail or let us know when you bring in your work on the 7th and 8th.Yes only a few days away!


One thought on “LAS WORKSHOPS

  1. Just to inform you that I will be able to attend all the events.
    These are an ideal opportunity for me to add to my professional practice needed for my BA in Fine Arts. Many thanks. Terry.

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