Tonal Values Exhibition at Sam Scorer Gallery

Tonal Values 1 (poster)

Kevin’s third solo exhibition at Sam’s focuses on his continued interest in the figurative, with an emphasis on his latest tonal drawings. Also on display alongside his glass compositions are a number of unseen preliminary working drawings.

Private View:  Tuesday 1st August 2017 (6 – 9pm)

Edward Mayor speech and book signing

Attached is a word document of the speech that Edward Mayor gave at the 110th Exhibition which has been transcribed for anyone to read who couldn’t attend the opening. Don’t forget that the book ‘Lincolnshire Artists – A Brave Decade 2006-2016’ is now available to purchase and Edward will be signing books at The Usher Gallery between 2.00 and 4.00pm, on Sunday 12th June 2016. This is another chance for you to buy at the special price of £10.00 – and another chance to have your book signed.

The Maggie Dean Award will also be announced at 3.00pm on the day.

Several of the committee have been in attendance on Sunday afternoons to answer any questions posed by visitors. If you are able to come on the 12th between 2.00 and 4.00pm, do please join us.

Edward Mayor (1) speech